Kristina was the second person I met up with in Vegas to shoot. She was willing to meet at the earlybird-gets-the-worm hour of 7am. It was notably cooler in the morning which helped make the photoshoot feel less like a death wish. We wandered around the Strip on a Monday morning and got some fun shots. Of course, you would think 7am, especially on a Monday, would be an easy hour to shoot as there wouldn't be a lot of people out and about. There were, however, plenty of early wakers and late night partiers walking through our shots. Tis the city that never remembers to sleep. We did our best, though, and here's the rest! Enjoy! 

PS - Stay tuned for a bonus towards the end! 

Bonus! We did a few shots that weren't in wedding attire, but they turned out super fun as well. I've included them below! 

Stay tuned, even MORE coming soon!