I went rock climbing with my dad today. We did a nice 3-pitch 5.7+ climb and it ended up taking a while. Of course, I don't mind because I love love LOVE being up high on those rocks and looking around. Well, except when I almost fall. Or DO fall, like I did today. My foot slipped and it caught me completely by surprise. Couple of scrapes but still in good shape : ) We went out for lunch after. I got a salad. There. Was. A. CATERPILLAR. In. My. Salad! He came wiggling right out like, "hey dude, don't you dare eat me, I still haven't fulfilled my dream of being a butterfly". It kinda shocked me and then I got over it and ate my salad anyway. I think it might have to do with the fact that I ate a cricket yesterday for the first time. Hopefully this is a step towards being slightly more bug-friendly. Annnnnyyyywaaaaayy, I'm way off track. Here are a few fun pics from our climb today!