Last week, Mom and I attended an "adults only" event at the Butterfly Pavilion in Westminster. It was the same as your standard visit to view and learn about butterflies and various bugs, but add in some alcohol and fancy hors d'oeuvre and you're good to go.

Rewind to a week earlier. In my endless scrollings on FB, I stumbled upon this video in which a woman named Lucie confronts a few bug-related fears. Did I mean to spend 10 minutes and 27 seconds watching the whole thing? Nope, no I did not. That's just how the internet seems to go. But the ending did stick with me. She was able to confidently tell the world that she no longer feared bugs.

Then I see this event online, and it all clicks. Here was this perfect opportunity to overcome my own entomophobia. As many of you know, Colorado summer (well, summer anywhere really) means lots of spiders. I get it! They're important. They keep down the populations of other bugs that eat away at my mom's gorgeous garden. BUT I still despise them. However, since we must coexist, it is my duty to see what I can do to live harmoniously with the bajillions of little ones scurrying around the globe.

First we said hello to the butterflies!

Then there was the racing of the cockroaches. They are ugly little bastards who were my number one enemy when I lived in LA. Sometimes, I'd be walking around DTLA at night, and suddenly there would be a burst of scattering right under my feet as like 7 cockroaches ran away. But they never hightail it outta there in a straight line! It's like they go in crazy circles around me to freak me out on purpose. Not my favorite bug. However, I have to admit the cockroach race was actually pretty cute. These guys were from Madagascar, so they're even bigger than the ones we have in LA. Needless to say, I'm not going to be getting one as a pet anytime soon, but at least I won't shriek the next time I see one IRL. 

Next I ate some crickets and mealworms. Once I got over the fact I was getting little cricket legs stuck between my teeth, I came to the conclusion that they were actually kind of tasty. 

Now, see these pretty flowers? Great! FYI, BELOW THIS PICTURE IS A PICTURE OF A TARANTULA. Her name is Rosie and actually she is a fuzzy adorable sweetheart (who even am I?!?!), so I'd recommend taking a look, but don't say I didn't warn you about this little creepy crawly.

I'm not going to lie, there was a bit of initial panic. But once I acclimated to the fact that this terrifying terror was actually harmless af, my feelings towards it began to change. It was kind of.... cute! "Wtf Savannah!" you might say. Yeah, I never expected this either. But happily I decided to go for it and realized it's just a lil spider minding her own business and going about life trying to eat and sleep, just like me! Plus, she had these sweet little pink markings on her back, and pink is my favorite color. I was like, I feel you Rosie! You're pretty cool! And she didn't respond, she's kind of quiet. But we chilled and then I moved on. Thanks Rosie for helping ease my fear of bugs and spiders. And thanks mom for capturing some of the pictures! 



PS - Like I mentioned above, this was an event with wine and beer. For future reference, if you'd like to meet a tarantula, I would recommend a glass or two first! Calms the nerves ever so slightly ;)