I left LA to move back to Colorado. There are many reasons behind it, but overall I am glad to be back in my beautiful home state. However... About to be real with you all...

It is HARD AF to make friends as an adult. And when you move to a new place where you know no one, the task at hand to pluck strangers from the crowd and make friends is rather daunting. My inclination towards introversion probably aggravates that fact since I find it very energy-consuming to be around people, especially new ones with whom I feel the need to have small talk. And, with a little insight from this article I just read, I'm sure that I also feel safer hiding behind my screen in the confines of my cozy home rather than facing the discomfort of new, real-life experiences with real people. (Also, in typical fashion, I discovered this article by chance during one of my endless Facebook newsfeed scrollings).

So today I am reminiscent of life back in LA where I had some amazing amigos! These pictures are from my birthday this year. We went to brunch at the delicious Odys and Penelope before wandering the area on foot. 

I love finding the unique corners of a city. Walking on foot allows for the most comprehensive discoveries in Los Angeles. The city of angels sprawls for a massive 503 square miles and is somehow still incredibly congested around every single turn - there is no time to walk, no room to bike, and no efficient public transportation. With these factors combined, most people get around by car. I spent a good deal of time in my car while living in Los Angeles. Despite exploring so much of the city during the 7 years that I lived there, I barely scratched the surface. The pictures below were taken a month before I left LA to move back to Colorado. With LA being such a smorgasbord of strip malls, mismatching store fronts, and nothing but concrete for miles, discovering the jewels inside can be a site for sore eyes. 

Missing you LA and LA friends! I'll come back to visit soon! 

Also, aren't these two just adorbs? 

Until next time!