This is a #flashbackfriday (is that what it's called? Honestly I've only done Throw Back Thursdays before so this is uncharted territory...)

I went to the Mountain Adventure Film Festival in Big Bear last October. If you haven't heard of this yet, you're not alone, it's super new. And, if you haven't been, you ARE missing out. It was the raddest weekend filled with SO many epic activities and some celeb athletes hanging around (among them Mayan Smith-Gobat, Matthias Mayr, and Cedar Wright). There was: climbing, yoga, trail-running, slacklining, ziplining, adventure films, delish food and brews, inspirational speakers, photo adventures, and super good vibes.

Part of my weekend was this super fun photo hike. We started at the bottom of the mountain, a group of complete strangers, and made our way to the top, snapping pics along the way. It's my own form of adventure for now. But, someday, I'd like to be on super epic adventures (basically, I want to be Jimmy Chin when I grow up). I'd like to do the seemingly impossible and take in the astonishing beauty that is only accessible by taking great and challenging lengths to get there. I'd like to relish in nature every single day. BUT, for now, I'll be out on weekends going on smaller adventures like this one. 

Always important to bring a device that will tell you which direction to go. Up or down? 

Ski slopes are fun in the off season, except when you wander into some bramble and get trapped in its sharp edges and thick cover. Nothing builds trust with total strangers like having to be rescued from some bushes : p 

Doggies and views for days. And sunsets. And good vibes. And lots of laughs. May I go back please? 

And this is the end of THIS adventure. On to the next!