My dear friend Jessica was kind enough to pose for me for a styled bridal shoot while she was in town. I managed to steal an hour from her the evening before she was scheduled to head back to New York. Not only is she a BOMB DOT COM model, she's also an UBER talented photographer. Check out her work! Thanks Jess for climbing to the top of an abandoned building and hiking the Boulder foothills in your wedges. Also big shoutout to my mom for tagging along and helping out, AND for creating the stunning bouquet you see below. She's so creative with flowers. I'll have to dedicate another post to her garden soon!

Without further ado, here are some of the images we all got! 

And of course I can't go without showing some behind the scenes. More styled shoots coming soon, stay tuned!

One of Jess's many outtakes.

Ellie very patiently waiting for us to get off the top of the abandoned building.

Our runaway balloons that decided to take off on their own adventure just as we started to shoot.



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